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Designed for convenience

Founded in 2019, Cockatoon is devoted to providing parents with functional and fashionable diaper bag backpacks that will enhance your parenting experience. There’s a reason they say parenting is the hardest job anyone can do. Your brain is suddenly occupied by your baby’s progress, feeding times, and poop colors - hey, we’re just being real! It’s easy to get consumed by it all.

Traveling with your baby, however, is one thing you shouldn’t worry about. We aim to make your parenting journey easier with diaper bag backpacks that are practical and perfect in any circumstance.

Our Mission Is To Help You Reach Your Parenting Potential And Look Stylish While Doing It

With a new baby comes lots of joy, laughter, sleepless nights, spit-up, doctor appointments, and expenses. Though we can’t exactly tend to your baby when they cry at 3 AM, we strive to help where we can. We understand your childcare gear needs to match your lifestyle - our multi-functional backpacks are designed for your convenience with unmatched durability.

We believe

Who says kid gear 
can’t be fashionable?

At Cockatoon, we’re firm believers that being a parent does not define your entire identity, which is why we never sacrifice appearance. We design our backpacks with your preference in mind, so you can feel stylish as you feed, wipe, and love your baby unconditionally.

Our beautiful designs will remind you to take time for yourself, so you can feel confident wearing them out on date night or lunch with your friends. Our backpacks will look great, even if a baby or stroller is nowhere in sight.

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